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Giant Squids Historical References

Most of the stories about encounter with the huge sea monster have been discarded as myth, but there are few incidences that impelled us to believe the existence of this enormous creature. In the year 1861 the French dispatch steamer Alecton along with his crew members was sailing off the canary island.

The crew saw a strange but a very big object floating in the water. They targeted the object with their gunboats, musket and canon, when they reached closer to it they tried to throw harpoon into its body but all efforts to catch it, turned futile. Finally with the help of the noose they could only manage to catch the tail, which they took to the French Consul at Tenerife.

The second historical sighting was in the year 1878, three fishermen were busy working offshore, when their eyes fell on to a mass floating on the ocean. They thought it to be wreckage, in order to confirm their doubts they tried to get closer to the mass. To their utter surprise they found a giant squid had run aground.

They made use of their anchor as a hook and tied the other end to the tree, when the tide went out the creature still living was lying helpless and died in a few moment. The fishermen measured the body and found it twenty feet.

Two lighthouse keeper at Danger Point, South Africa in the year 1966 found baby southern right whale attacked by giant squid. For half an hour the monster clung to the baby whale and was putting all its efforts to drown the whale. The mother whale could do nothing but to watch helplessly. The squid finally became victorious and disappeared with the baby whale.

In 1930 the most unusual thing happened, the Brunswick a 15,000 ton auxiliary tanker, owned by the Royal Norwegian Navy was sailing in the ocean, all the crew members aboard were taken aback when the tanker was attacked thrice. The attack was sudden and deliberate. It tried to pull along the sides of the ship, with great agility it entered into the ship and cling the hull with its tentacles.

Unfortunately the giant squid could not get a good grip on the ship’s steel surface and slid on the propellers. The possible reason of the giant squid’s behavior would be the shape of the Brunswick similar to that of sperm whale.
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